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Huayi Compressor (Jingzhou) Co., Ltd. (

[China] R134a & R600a Compressors for Refrigerators

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We offer high-efficiency hermetic compressors for refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, icemakers and beer makers, etc. R134a, R600, R12; Voltage range: 110V, 127V, 220V, 250V; Lower noise, slight vibration, lower starting volt, higher efficiency, less energy consumption and longer usage. Our compressors have passed the testing and identification of the Institute of Chinese home appliances, meanwhile, achieved national CCC authentication, ISO9001-2000, UL, VDE.
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Huayi Compressor (Jingzhou) Co., Ltd. (

Street:No. 66. West of Dongfang Avenue, Jingzhou, Hubei, China
Postal code:434000
Phone: +86 716 8457385
Fax: +86 716 8457385

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Name and Surname: Thompson Thompson
Phone: +86 716 8457385
Mobile: +86 13907210646
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